Last Viewing for Mamu (He’s going to Seoul!!!!)


TUGMA family, ‘Tambay’ friends and batchmates gathered last night for a small get-together before our Tatay or Mamu, Jason Santiago flies today to Seoul! As a recipient of a S. Korean scholarship, he’ll be spending a whole semester there to study Pansori. A semester means about six months aways from us, it’s not very long but it’ll be a long while. Mamu has done many good things for our group UP-TUGMA, and with his gayish humor and practical ideas, everyone will surely miss him. It wasn’t always been very smooth between us, but throughout the years I’ve known him, he was a good friend and confidante. I’d even secretly ask him to teach me rhythm patterns to catch up with my lessons. It’ll definitely be an unusual feeling not to have him around for a while. I’ll miss my tutor Mamu and his famous, “Bakla ka!” that instantly wakes me back to my senses whenever I need a tug. But of course I’m very happy for him, and he’ll surely do great. The truth is, even if we’ll miss him, we’re just even more anxious on what it’ll be like when he comes back. Lol

See you after a while, dear Mamu. As for me, I’ll concentrate myself on putting together my kulintang repertoire and establishing good playing techniques. When you get back, let’s have a ‘jamming session’.









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