IMDF2015: Kampheang Phet Welcome Part-ey!


Second stop for the tour was the big university in the province of Kampheang Phet. The place was so scenic with a beautiful lake in the middle of the campus. Imagine UPD’s Sunken Garden. But instead of the trees and the lagoon, you get the lake and a fountain that dances with colors at night in the middle of the lake. Sidewalk benches, birds and trees all around- how lovely! But there’s more. When we get to the building where we’ll have our lunch, we’re all stunned with their grand welcome, with the students in line greeting us, smiling staffs (serving us with their iconic red juice that I know the name. sorry.), a brass band (yes! a brass band!!!) and all. How couldn’t you feel so special? Even the lunch was stupendous complete with deserts-it was a feast! I just loved the tofu, and the mushroom, and that spicy fish- everything! Superb!

There are designated seats for guests marked with flags for each country.

khampeang phet 3

Sir Verne receives a token from the university.
kampheang phet 6
Philippine Delegates: Who would know? Together again from our BJ days. =)
kampheang phet 4
Our beloved adviser, Sir Verne dela Pena with TugMA’s current Vice President, Paul Jason Santiago.

Plus, their music band was swooning us the whole time.

Yes, their instruments are adorned with plaid cloths for adornment.

The band was playing great, but I noticed that they’re only playing Thai music even with contemporary elements. I don’t remember that they played popular music from the West. Moreover, most of the instruments that they use are traditional. How cool is that? So much for their loyalty to their own cultural character.

kampheang phet LO
More LOs from the university.

By the time we’re through eating lunch, the LOs from the university invited everyone to dance with the music. I think, it would be safe to say, that team Philippines were the first ones up there inviting other teams as well that eventually formed the whole party scene. Should that be a compliment? Haha.

kampheang phet 7

kampheang phet 8

But it turned out to be so huge and fun… Even the quiet and graceful Taiwanese girls were doing their moves. Until everyone moved into a choo-choo-train forming into a circle, anyone who wants to do their moves can show them off in the middle. Yes, of course, our very own Mackoy and Honey from the UP Dance Company amazed the crowd. (Yey!) There was a little moment of dead air when people were waiting who would want to go next, but in a flash, everyone’s back into the ‘crazy’ este party scene.

It was a big moment for all of us. I guess, it was really the first time that the whole delegates team from all the participating countries get connected with each other. It helped break the “shyness and language barrier” between us. Everyone was just having fun.

Oh, yes. The boys get a step much closer.

kampheang phet 9

kampheang phet 10

So much for that little lunch time. It would be hard for us to forget that. I love Kampheang Phet! =D


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